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Here's a place where anyone who wants to post anything at all can. Sprites, drawings, etc. 20 Author Limit. Admin now Daniel Sokolov Rules 1. Everything must be made (or involved in the making some way (Fan-Art of the Authors Characters etc. etc. etc.) by the Author 2. If something is TOOOOOOO distasteful or argument probing, it'll be taken down. (But that's only if it's THAT bad. Other than that, MEH.) Originally (Random Author Stuff)



so! uhm i Cultra am resigning out of this comic, sorry guys!
the reason is that my computer broke down and because of that i can't scan my artwork.
be sure to look for one of my comics as they are still active,
because i scanned plenty of that art before my pc died :D
the link for that comic is http://thatfantasy.smackjeeves.com/
and i am truly sorry for leaving ^-^

posted by Cultra @ May 12th, 2010, 8:44 am  -  0 comments

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