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January 20th, 2013, 8:28 pm

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Daniel Sokolov, January 20th, 2013, 8:26 pm     Reply

(Warning, I really don't know much about Army speak! So my description is is probably in accurate)

Early War - Ivo Robotnik, infamous scientist has been temporarily taken away from practicing his project "Egg" put in charge of a small group of soldiers. He's been working on a Robotic Army that will soon be wanted to replace all humans to prevent casualty. Due to the infamy of the Robotnik family, his first task is to gain the trust of the people and his troops. He sets to do this through motivational speeches and spectacles the likes noone has seen.

Late Wartime- It's been a few years since Robotnik was promoted into leading the Main Frontline. Due to many successful hunts and collecting of food through small task forces, the soldiers are well fed. Robotnik, being quite a glutton has indeed consumed loads of food (His figure, along with his space project Egg, has landed him the nickname "Eggman" among the troops), however, it hasn't slowed him down a peg, and he is ready to fight as well as he always had, leading the charge down to the enemy. He seems to have picked up some jewellery on the way.

Post Wartime/Leader- Success at last, Robotnik lead the soldiers to victory. While some Agencies like G.U.N have disapproved of the war, even they admitted Robotnik's leadership and bravery was more than superb. The "Eggman" also had a laugh showing off the scar over his left eye and tell ridiculous war stories to see how much he could get away with before being caught out by amused listeners.
Normally, people'd take a break, Robotnik on the other hand, went right back to working on The Egg. Not only that, he in his spare time worked on political matters.
Through his charisma and helping the country. People were quick to beg him to be included in the Presidential race.
Through months of hard work, he had won.
The public adored him. He had almost Finished the Egg. His constant working removed a lot of the extra weight.
There, in the main room of his new building. He opened a briefcase, seven bright gems glowed in his presence.
The Egg was to be a Station that would complete the research done on the ARK. It was a bringer of life. Staring at the contents. He couldn't help but think he should Birth his OWN life first, and the others should bow down to him... A few modifications, and the Death Egg would have a whole new purpose... A grand, Robotnik Empire causing purpose.

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